Banh Xeo - crispy pancakes - a rural traditional Vietnamese food

For a long time, Banh Xeo has become a typical cake of the South Vietnam countryside and also has been well known in Vietnamese food map. This crispy pancakes are a rustic dish, born in the countryside for a long time ago. The name "Banh Xeo" also makes people think "is that the sound of sizzling when the rice batter is pouring into the hot skiller name of the cake"?

This traditional Vietnamese dish contain the stuffings made by  bean sprouts, pork belly, sort of very small shrimp and the highlight is the golden, crispy cover. Nowadays, in Vietnamese luxury restaurants, pancakes are created with many different kinds of stuffings: golden needle mushroom, seafood, chicken fillet ... which is extremely attractive. It is an art work to make a delicious pancake. The pancake is characterized by the golden color of turmeric, adding the fat, the aroma of coconut milk, the outer edge of the cake is thin and crispy. The dish is also popular in Asian cuisine with many different version like Bu-Ju-Cheon (Korea), Okonomiyaki (Japan)...

What left the mark for the pancake meal was the leaves to eat with the cake. From the acrid, sour taste of young mango buds, giant crape-myrtle, to the pungent smell of green mustard, heartleaf and herbs ... Here, please join to learn about the making of pancakes by our best Vietnamese recipes and enjoy a delectable dish like when you eat in a Vietnamese restaurant.

vietnamese food banh xeo

Ingredients needed to be prepared for Banh Xeo

- Sauce: fish sauce, sugar, seasoning, lemon, garlic, chili

- Pancake’s crust:

   200g rice flour

   250ml of water

   100ml of beer

   50ml coconut milk

  ½ teaspoon of salt

  ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder

  Green onion, cooking oil

- Pancake’s stuffings:

   200g beef

   200g shrimp

   1 onion

   100g of bean sprouts

   Ginger, shallots, pepper, spices

   Raw vegetables, salads, …

vietnamese food banh xeo

How to make Banh Xeo

Step 1: Prepare and process materials

- Wash vegetables.

- Cut the onion into slices.

- Pick up shrimps and wash.

- Cut the beef into thin slices.

- Marinate shrimp with ginger, spices and shallots.

- Marinate beef with cooking oil, garlic, ginger, spices and pepper.

Step 2: How to make pancake stuffings

- Mix well the rice flour, salt, turmeric powder in a large bowl. Mix water with beer and slowly pour into the flour, mix well. Add coconut milk, mix well. Stir the mixture until you get a  loose, smooth, lump-free powder mixture.

- Cut the green onion and add in the batter and add a little cooking oil, leave the batter rest for about 30 minutes.

- Heat the pan with cooking oil, stir-fry the onion with a little seasoning.

- Next, put shrimp in the pan.

- When the shrimp is medium, add the beef  and then pour the mixture into a bowl.

Step 3: Frying pancakes

- Put cooking oil in a pan and wait for a while to boil the oil.

- Pour the dough around the pan to make it very thin, cover it by a lid for about half of minute.

- Add the stuffing and bean sprouts on the cake, cover it by a lid for about 2 minutes.

- Fold the pancakes in half, continue to fry the pancake until it is crispy and golden.

Step 4: Prepare the sauce

- Chili is removed seeds, chopped and then minced.

- Garlic is peeled, crushed chopped.

- Garlic and chili will be adjusted the amount to match your family's taste, avoid giving too many chili or garlic, some people don't like it!

- Squeeze the lemon to get the lemon juice (please remember to remove the lemon seeds because lemon seeds will make your sauce bitter).

- You make the sauce with the ratio: 1 tablespoon fish sauce, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 2 tablespoons boiling water, 2 tablespoons sugar (can add or remove to adjust the flavor).

Then you stir  your sauce, then add chili, minced garlic into the bowl, stir well

vietnamese food banh xeo

Some note

Things to pay attention to make delicious crust:

- Fry the first one to estimate the thinness of the powder. The more thin the flour, the thinner the cake. But don't be too thin, the cake will tear, not keep the shape of the powder layer.

- Coconut milk will make cake tastily rich, but just add a little of them, if put too much, the cake will be easy to soggy.

How to pour:

- Add some oil or grease. With non-stick pans, sometimes there is no need for grease.

- Fry the shrimp and pork in the pan, spread them evenly on both sides of the pan.

- At this time, the pan is hot enough, pick up, sprinkle a little powder into 2 shrimp frames on both sides, the purpose is to keep the shrimp meat stick, not run when you turn the powder.

- Pour the powder around the edge of the pan, turning it evenly so that the flour runs around and then converges in the middle area. Note, if the pan is too hot, the dough will be ripe and sticky, there is not enough time for the dough to run around, the crust will be thick and not delicious. Pour about 2 pieces, you will experience the hotness of the pan right away.

- Add the bean sprouts in the middle, if you want to ripe the bean, please close the lid for a few seconds and then open it right away (let the cake crisp, not assemble steam), reduce the fire, my experience is no need to cover by a lid, the bean sprouts will be better.

- The fire is adjusted just enough, the cake will ripen and crisp slowly, the edges will peel off without needing any grease. Too much fire will make the cake’ corner burn, some other corners are not crunchy and delicious.

- When the cake is crunchy, use a shovel to folds the cake, scooping out the tray lined by paper. If you don't have a shovel, you can use the spatula in this case too, because it is silicone, soft, easy to control to bring it under the cake without breaking the cake and scratching pan.

- The cake has just done, it will be crispy and much more delicious.

vietnamese food banh xeo

Nutritional value of pancakes

Beyond national frontiers, Banh Xeo has been introduced in many places in the world and has been enjoyed by not only in the distinctive taste of the cake but also in high nutritional value in the hot crispy pancakes. In the events of introducing Vietnamese culture in the US and other countries around the world, South pancake is one of the dishes that impresses many diners.

South pancakes are made from rice flour, coconut milk, shrimp, meat ... which is especially attractive by adding bean sprouts, cassava tubers, sesbania sesban, edible flowers, sesbania grandiflora … to make the pancake’s stuffings

A pancake provides an average energy of about 300-350 kcal with the full presence of various nutritional ingredients from processing materials (starch, protein, fat). The cake is very attractive to diners by its way of eating. Eating pancakes in the right way must use hands to pack. Spread the young leaves on your hands, put in a small piece for filling pancake, roll up then dip the pancake into the lemon, garlic, chili sauce ... keep chewing and enjoy the taste of the vegetables in the garden.

Southern pancakes are served with nearly 20 different vegetables. In general, vegetables in pancakes are relatively rich in carotene, vitamin C, mineral and some vegetables are also fine tonic for the body. Eating delicious pancakes is not only enjoying the delicious and fresh taste of vegetables, but also facilitating the body to receive nutrients through those vegetables.

Perilla containing a lot of essential oils, is good for your blood, costus speciosus cure people with impaired renal; erythrina orientalis help with sedation, sleepiness ...

Vegetables in pancakes can also reduce pain, flatulence, indigestion, vomiting ... Heartleaf has antibacterial effect, treatment of pimples and urinary tract convenient or for women with irregular menstruation. Turmeric help cleaning the gall, treating hepatitis, reducing arthritis and is also used to produce medicines that lower the rate of blood cholesterol, treat stomach ulcers ...

Bean sprouts in the cake contain many nutrients such as vitamin C and E, low calorie, good for people with laryngitis patient, muscle fatigue, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure , myocardial infarction, high blood cholesterol or easy to suffer a miscarriage ... Thinly sliced ​​onions have both enhanced the delicious flavor for the cake and can stimulate digestion, treat poor intestinal motility, or also works to treat arteriosclerosis and sore throat ...

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