Bread - Banh Mi - super Vietnamese street food

Bread has a variety of variations with different ingredients to create a delicious and attractive loaf of bread, and one of the most familiar dishes is pate bread, greasy pate and crunchy bread crust which is more attractive than ever.

Pate bread, a Vietnamese street food is not only loved by Vietnamese people but also very popular and favored by friends all over the world. With the aroma of toast, the blend of herbs, meat, sauce ...

So we will learn a little bit about the history of bread appearance!

History of bread

Bread is the main dish of the West, symbolically even identified with the emperor’s Kito God:  bread is a small notion, wine is a great notion. Perhaps, bread appeared in our country before the landmark of 1859, but is well known after the expeditionary army took over Gia Dinh.

banh my vietnamese food

In addition to the French, the way  to make bread (also known as Baguette bread) was first acquired by the Chinese, produced and sold to the market and among the customers who bought bread at that time, including Vietnamese: Waiters, interpreters, mandarins are probably the first bread takers; followed by the new civil servant, then the Western study, the townsman and gradually spreading popularity both in urban and rural areas.

This kind of food exists in the view of Vietnamese people as a cake - understood as a nosh, not a regular food like rice, but gradually becomes a "cơm tay cầm", which is not eaten with chopsticks and eating bread instead of rice is identified in the slang style as “thổi kèn”, which means provisional eating, a meal is not as adequate as a regular meal. But so far, all kinds of bread have various types (fried bread, breadstick, frog bread rolls ...) and the way eating bread has many variations.

The origin of bread as well as all loaves in Vietnam is Baguette bread brought by the French in the early 19th century. The changes in form as well as quality and the  plentiful of processing for the bread expresses the demand for Vietnamese picky cuisine.

banh my vietnamese food

Before 1975, with the government program funded by the Republic of Vietnam, the Ministry of Education provided public and private elementary schools with a snack with bread and fresh milk (milk produced by Fore Most and bread supplied by the bakeries).

Facing that need, bread makers consider this a "marvelous" challenge. The traditional French-style brick kilns built from the years of the 50s and 60s lack the ability to respond the market’s need, and in the early 70s were replaced by electric ovens step by step, typically "Matador" or "Anwator" of Japan., known in English as deck ovens, it is a multi-storey oven/grill.

After 1975, the private economy was destroyed (1975-1986), the demand for electricity supply was maximum limited, some electric ovens and brick kilns operated only as co-operatives and produced "illegal” to the market, therefore a type of bread called “bánh mì lò thùng phi/phuy” ( "oven-baked bread/drums") has been appeared .The Vietnamese people who lived in the "subsidy" period all know "the name" of bread barrel (made turn from 200l drums with two main parts: the outer shell is used intact 1 drum barrel).

banh my vietnamese food

Taste of bread

Bread is began to define its own shape and taste. Because the loaf of bread is just enough for one serving, it doesn't need to be very big, but the crust must be crispy, and the bread is thick enough to make the dough is not being curdled when chewing.

In Vietnamese cuisine people often like eating with a little vegetable in every dish. So the loaf of bread is added a few slices of cucumber, white radish, carrot cut into thread, add a few green onions, cilantro to have aroma, some chilli, diner can savour and smell the charming smell of the bread at the same time. Eating bread help us to excite every senses:  the crisp aroma of the crust, the sweetness of the flour, the fat of the butter, the flavor of the meat, the pork pies, the pâté as a colorful combination but not being tired by the fresh vegetables. And the importance of bread is delicious, cheap, convenient for all classes.

Some time later, many bread with meat shops began to appear in the city. The bread does not stop at breakfast anymore, it is used both at lunch, afternoon, evening, is a Vietnamese dish in many family meal.

banh my vietnamese food

Every day, the cars are filled with fragrant golden loaves transported all the way to serve the people. Perhaps bread is an indispensable dish and cannot be missed in Vietnam.

Pate bread is so familiar to Vietnamese people, this can be considered as one of the national dishes when sold all over the street, or restaurants all over the country. As a Vietnamese, you certainly have eaten this familiar dish already. But have you ever thought of learning to make this delicious bread to show your talent to all of your friends, relatives, or have the opportunity to go abroad to show this special Vietnamese food to international friends? Today's article will show you how to make this incredible delicious pate bread – a familiar Vietnamese street food.

Instructions for preparing materials and how to process ingredients


  • Pork liver: 300gr
  • Grinded meat: 200gr
  • Fat: 40gr
  • Bread: 200gr
  • Fresh milk (sugar free): 50ml
  • Dried shallot, garlic
  • Bread: 1 loaf
  • Cucumber, tomato, lettuce, chili (chili sauce)

banh my vietnamese food

Material processing:

  • Cucumber, tomatoes are washed and cut into small circles .
  • Lettuce is washed and drained
  • Clean and chop off separately the liver and fat.
  • Tear the bread (200g).
  • Dried shallot and garlic are finely chopped.

How to make pate bread:

Step 1: Preliminary processing of materials

The liver is washed, sliced ​​into a bowl and soaked with 170ml of sugar-free fresh milk for 20 minutes to deodorize the fishy smell. Then fish the pork liver out to drained.

Wash the skin of pork, the cut into sliced.

Take ½ of the bread you have prepared for the pate, crumble it and soak it with 80ml of fresh milk left.

Shallot, garlic are peeled and chopped.

Fresh vegetables and cucumbers are cleanly washed, soaked with salt water. Take out to drain, peeled the cucumber the cut it into thick sliced.

banh my vietnamese food

Step 2: Make the liver pate - the soul of the famous pate bread

How to make pate bread is very important to make liver pate.

Put the pan on the stove, put oil in, wait for it to heat, fry the garlic until you can smell the aroma. When the fried garlic has just turned yellow, put the liver in stir-fry. Season with 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon sugar then stir well.

When the liver has just reached the medium stage,  put the bread soaked in milk to stir, add a little bit pepper for more delicious pate. Stir for 2 minutes then turn off the heat.

Pour the liver into the mill, purée, if you want to have a greasy taste, you can add a little boiled pork fat to grind with.

After grinding, pour pate in a bowl, spread a little butter and steam for 30 minutes.

When the cold pate freezes, you have finished the pate.

banh my vietnamese food

Step 3: Complete

Only this last step is complete for you to make pate bread.

Bake the bread again for hot, grab a knife on one side, spread the pate, add herbs, cucumbers, a little chili sauce (if you like) and enjoy.

With the way of making pate bread, the instructions above are simple, so you can make this famous Vietnamese dish right at home, right? Quickly demonstrate your skill to make delicious breakfast for your whole family.