How to cook delicious and nutritious Chicken simmer with Chinese herbs (Gà hầm thuốc bắc) for pregnant woman

Chicken dishes give us a lot of nutrients and stewed chicken with Chinese herbs is a delicious and nutritious soup that is brought to Vietnam by the Chinese.

Stewed chicken with Chinese herbs is not only an attractive and very delicious Vietnamese dish, but it is also a "Panacea" dish with countless great uses. The way to make chicken stew with Chinese herbs is very simple with just a few necessary ingredients and a few steps you have made a dish that blends the fat chicken with the aromatic herbs along with the special taste that make you hardly forget this characteristic flavor inspired from Chinese cuisine.

ga tan vietnamese food

Currently, this soup is increasingly popular among people and considers it as one of the remedies that foster the health of the sick. Especially pregnant women or women after giving birth need to improve their health, chicken stew can be said to be one of the greatest dishes. Here, join to make this chicken stew with our simple Vietnamese recipe.

Materials for making chicken stew with Chinese herbs

  • 1 chicken: 500-600g (can use Silkie chicken)
  • Mugwort: 1 grip
  • Lotus seed: 200-300g
  • Chinese herbs: 1 pack (for pregnant women)
  • Ginger, pepper, other spices

ga tan vietnamese food

How to make stewed chicken with chinese herbs

Step 1: Preliminary processing of materials

Chicken processing:

After the chicken is done, you can clean it and add some salt to remove the bad smell of the chicken. You should remember to remove all of its organs.

Preliminary processing of other materials

  • Mugwort: pick up all the yellowish leaves or old leaves and stalks then rinse and drain.
  • Ginger: you remove the peel then wash and cut into slices.
  • Chinese herbs: Soak it then wash the herbs and let it drain.

ga tan vietnamese food

Step 2: stew the chicken

To cook the delicious stewed chicken with soft chicken and aromatic herbs, it takes time.

First, marinate the chicken with spices. You take the prepared chicken to marinate with spices such as salt, pepper, monosodium glutamate, ... then leave about 25-30 minutes to soak the spices.

Then when you have finished processing all the necessary ingredients, prepare a pot on the stove, next put the chicken on the pot (Note: pour water to flood the chicken). Next, add all the prepared ingredients in the mixture to stew, do not forget to add salt, pepper, monosodium glutamate and seasoning. Boiling the water then reduce the heat and continue simmering for more 1-2 hours so that the chicken is cooked well, finally turn off the heat.

ga tan vietnamese food

Note: In the process of broiling, pay attention on every 30 minutes to check whether the chicken is cooked or not, to check whether the water is running out or not to avoid drying up the chicken dish.

Step 3: Enjoy the chicken stew

After stewing for about 1-2 hours, the chicken is cooked, then you turn off the heat. You scoop out you and enjoy it. The stewed chicken with slightly yellow ripe chicken and the aroma of the Chinese medicine spreads together with the characteristic scent of wormwood will surely make you can’t help yourself before irresistible and attractive smell.

Chicken stew with tasty broth and strong smell of mugwort, which is characterized by lotus seeds blending into a delicious and nutritious dish, containing many vitamins and substances special nutritions is very good for pregnant women or who have just got sick and treated flu.

The above is a recipe for making chicken stew, it's easy without much effort. Please try to treat everyone with this medicine.

I wish you success and have a good meal!