How to make delicious standard Banh Gio street style

Bánh giò is a kind of cake made of filtered rice flour; lean shoulder meat used for processing along with wood ear mushroom, dried shallot, pepper, fish sauce, salt ... Bánh giò has the long-shaped, just like the two arched hands that knit together, which is wrapped with banana leaves. This cake is boiled for 45 to 60 minutes. It is a rustic dish of Vietnamese cuisine.

Cakes are often found quite a lot in Hanoi, especially in the mornings, there are many rice cake eateries. Bánh giò are made from rice flour, so when you eat, you will not feel bored, because of the special characteristic of flavors and the good smell when the cake is still hot and spread the aroma  everywhere so anyone around will not be able to control themself from this savoury Vietnamese food.

Bánh giò is a traditional cakes of Hanoi people. They are nosh cakes, made of rice flour and often eaten when it is hot. Unlike the other cakes, Bánh giò has only one certain shape, which is a pyramid-shaped cake and is necessarily wrapped with banana leaves and simple ingredient with rice flour, pork and ear fungus (wood ear mushroom). All of these ingredients are familiar in Vietnamese cuisine.

banh gio vietnamese food

To have a delicious cake, it is also quite a lot of stage and it also has to be check the rice, as well as all of the stuffing  must be careful to make, the leaves are wrapped in cakes also need to be selected, otherwise it will be easily torn and will make the cake is no longer delicious.

Packet leaves are thick banana tree’s leaves (“Chuối tây”), not “Chuối tiêu” or”Chuối hột, choose fresh leaves, rinse thoroughly and dry, then pour some cake flour on the leaves, continue to add the stuffing and add a layer of batter on top again. This package is quite similar to the packages of other cakes, when do the package, we must be skillful, to make the cakes equally, there is no need to tie by the strings and the shell is neither being pulled out nor absorbent the water when boiled.

The cake is wrapped as soon as the flour is hot, so when steamed up, the cake will be soft, fragrant and evenly cooked. Beside the good rice flour to make the cakes, the stuffing is also very important, you must choose lean shoulder meat, like that, the new cake emits the aroma of meat, when eat the cake, you can feel the sweet taste of lean pork, some dried minced wood ear mushroom, shallots and pepper ... and seasoning to taste. All of these ingredients are re-cooked before wrapping, avoiding the raw stuffing.

banh gio vietnamese food

For those of you who make Bánh giò for the first time, I'm afraid it will take a lot of time. However, if you get used to cook this rustic Vietnamese dish, it will become very simple and rapid. Just less than 1 hour, you have a hot, delicious cake batch to treat your friends and family!

Materials to prepare:

  • 300 grams of minced lean pork
  • 20 grams of ear fungus
  • Cooking oil, fish sauce, salt
  • Onions, shallots
  • 400 grams of white rice flour
  • 50 grams of tapioca starch
  • Pig bones, phrynium leaves or banana leaves

banh gio vietnamese food

Steps to take:

Making the cover

Step 1: Pour slowly the bone broth to 400 grams of white rice flour. Calibrate the amount of bone broth so that it is mixture is smooth and not too dry.

Step 2: Put the batter mixture in step 1 into a small pot. After that, put on a stove at low heat. When boil, use the chopsticks to stir evenly so that the dough does not clump. When the powder is milky and viscid, stop stirring and turn off the stove.

banh gio vietnamese food

Making the stuffing

Step 1: Onion and shallot: you peel off the dry outer, rinse and use chopped knives. 20 grams of wood ear are soaked in water for about 15-20 minutes for softening and then shredded it.

Step 2: 300 grams of minced pork: marinate with a little salt and fish sauce.

Step 3: Prepare a small pan, pour 1 little oil to boil it and then add the shallot, next, fry them until you can smell the aroma. After that, put the meat, onion, and wood ear into the pan and stir until the meat shrinks again, then stop and turn off the stove.

Pack and boil the cake

banh gio vietnamese food

Step 1: Banana leaves are rolled into a funnel shape. After that, add some flour to make the outer layer. Create in the middle of a small cavity and then add some stuffing and cover with a little more rice batter to cover the stuffing fully and pack it into a triangle shape, then use the bamboo strings to tie it tightly.

Step 2: Prepare an autoclave. Arrange the cake in the autoclave and then cook on the stove for about 30 minutes. After that, let it cool down and serve with chilli paste, sauce, cucumber salad and invite everyone to enjoy it.

Here is the recipe to cook Bánh giò at home. Is it simple and fast? It only takes a few steps of making cakes, wrapping and steaming, you have a hot and delicious cake batch. With the above standard Vietnamese recipe, vietnamesefood wishes you success and enjoy delicious cake with family and friends!