Nem ran - Fried spring rolls - Vietnamese food - family delicacy

For Vietnamese people, fried spring rolls are not only a dish that is included in the daily menu but is also an indispensable Vietnamese dish on special occasions. It is so familiar but not everyone knows about the origin of this famous dish. Today, let’s join to read the article about fried spring rolls to learn more about this special Vietnamese dish.

In this article, we would like to talk about the origin, names in each region and flavor of fried spring rolls.

The source of fried spring rolls

According to some reports, fried spring rolls originating from China were categorized into famous dimsum dishes. When the Chinese immigrated to Vietnam, they brought this dish. However, they have been transformed with suitable materials for Vietnamese tastes. Initially, this dish followed the Chinese people to join the "culinary family" of the Southern people and from there, they followed the Southern people throughout Vietnam.

In the North, fried spring rolls appeared in the early twentieth century, it was reported that a French woman had brought this dish to Hanoi for business. At first, the fried meat was made by the woman in the style of Saigon with only the meat, the Hanoi people did not eat because the meat in fried rolls is very dry.

Therefore, someone suggested to her that, in the dry winter season in the North, when cooking fried spring rolls, should add vegetables, tubers to reduce the dryness and instead of dipping in soy sauce, dip in  fish sauce. Then, she followed this advice and the fried spring rolls are sold well. So far, the stuffings of fried spring rolls are not only simple meat, bean sprouts but also added eggs and chopped jew’s ear.

nem ran vietnamese food

The name of fried spring rolls in different regions

The same way of processing is rolling the stuffing in the rice paper, frying and dipping in sauce but now in Vietnam, each region has different names. If the North calls this delicious and attractive dish is Nem Rán, the central region called Ram Cuốn, the Southern people call them Chả Giò.

Each region uses different ingredients for processing. If the fried spring rolls of the North beside meat, there are also bean sprouts, jew’s ear, cassava tubers, the rolls in the Central region added soft noodle, eggs and some others vegetable like carrots, sweet potato…Coming to spring rolls of Southern people, you can feel the taste of taro and onion in the dish.

Taste of fried spring rolls

Fried spring rolls are rated by CNN Travel (USA) as one of the most favorite Vietnamese food for tourists. The typical taste of the dish captivates many tourists when visiting the S-shaped land.

The yellow outer shell of fried spring rolls is eye-catching, crispy, you just need to bite a piece then you just have to wait the amazing taste to melt in your mouth. Through the crunchy crust is a soft, fragrant, deep-rooted ingredient. Sweetness is extracted from minced meat and vegetables mixed together to create a strange taste for the dish.

Fried spring rolls are a combination of many ingredients, but when you savour, you still feel the taste of each ingredient. They seem to be merging together but they are seem separated. That is the special point of this famous Vietnamese dish.

nem ran vietnamese food

When enjoying fried spring rolls, people often use with fresh vegetables and dip them in the sweet and sour fish sauce with a little spicy chilli. This is a way to reduce the greasy taste and increase the flavor of the dish. Variety of fresh vegetables used together is quite diverse such as: heartleaf, lettuce, perilla, parsley, basil, cucumber ... You need to use a piece of rice paper, add the stuffings, some vegetables, each one a little,  roll them up, then fry the rolls and finally savour the dish by dotting in fish sauce and enjoy.

Speaking about fried rolls, perhaps, each region has its own way of processing with different ingredients, creating a variety for this dish itself. Therefore, whenever you enjoy fried spring rolls in different localities, you can feel different Vietnamese cuisine experience.

To make nutritious delicious dishes we need to prepare as follows:

Ingredients to prepare

  • Pork shoulder: 300gr
  • Chicken eggs: 3 left
  • Vermicelli made from cassava: 100gr
  • Cassava tubers: 200gr
  • Carrot: 1 bulb
  • Crab (or fresh shrimp): 300gr
  • Fat: 400gr
  • Green papaw: 200gr
  • Jew’s ear: 50gr
  • Thin-top dried mushroom: 20gr
  • Rice paper: 20 sheets
  • Shallot: 2 bulbs
  • Garlic: 1 root
  • Fresh peppers, lettuce, herbs and cilantro
  • Seasoning, salt, sugar, fish sauce, vinegar and grinded pepper.

nem ran vietnamese food

How to process materials

  • Garlic and shallot are peeled, washed, crushed and chopped, put separately. Remove the peduncle and seeds of chill, rinse and chop them, put separately.
  • Jew’s ear and thin-top dried mushroom are soaked in hot water for 15 minutes to enlarge, then cut off the pedicel, washed and drained. After that, chop the mushrooms and put separately.
  • Cassava tubers are peeled, washed, drained and chopped into small pieces.
  • Vermicelli made from cassava is soaked in hot water for soft vermicelli, cut into small pieces and washed briefly with water, then drained.
  • Lettuce, herbs and cilantro are cleaned, thoroughly washed with water and soaked with diluted salt water about 15 minutes, take out and rinse with clean water and then drain them.
  • Pork shoulder is washed, drained and then sliced, minced, put aside.
  • Wash the salt-water crab, put it in the pot to boil, then remove the meat and chop it. If you use fresh shrimp, peel the shrimp’s shell, remove the head, remove the tail and the black thread on the back. After that, clean, use dry paper to dry shrimp and chopped it.
  • Green papaya and carrots are peeled, trim into flower shape and cut them into thin pieces. Then add some salt in carrots and papaya to dehydrate and rinse thoroughly with water, then drain. Next, you can soak carrots and papaya with vinegar, add 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 teaspoon of chopped garlic and mix well, so that it is soaked to make a pickle.

The way  to make fried spring rolls in Hanoi style includes the following steps:

Step 1: Mix the stuffing

You take a big bowl, put in pureed pork, add chopped crab (or shrimp). Next, add these ingredients relatively: vermicelli made from cassava cut into pieces, chopped cassava tubers and thin-top dried mushroom,1 tablespoon of chopped shallot and three eggs . Add seasoning including: 1 tablespoon seasoning, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon pepper and mix well. Leave for about 15 minutes for soaking.

Step 2: pack spring rolls

You use a clean cutting board as a table. Spread rice paper on a cutting board, use a clean, absorbent towel and wipe it over the face of the rice paper (wipe the whole face of the cake) for a soft, easy-to-roll cake, then use the spoon to mix the meat stuffing and pour it into the middle of the cake and roll the rice paper. Just continue to do so until outing of stuffing.

To make standard spring rolls, you need to pay attention to make the rolls a little apart, do not get attached, they will be very easy to stick and tear the cake.

nem ran vietnamese food

Step 3: fry spring rolls

To make it more delicious and crispy, we don't use cooking oil but use pig’s nape fat to fry it. Frying with fat will help the roll being golden crisp. Turn on the stove, wait for the hot pan, pour the grease into the water. You pay attention to pouring water fat to cover the pan, so that it is flooded when it is fried for crispy rolls.

When the fat boils, add the spring rolls. When the rolls turns yellow and has an aromatic smell that has been cooked, removed, put on a plate with oil-absorbent paper for oil rolls. Just continue to fry like this until the end, turn off the stove.

In the end, pick up the rolls with the chopstick into a salad, aromatic herbs and pickles plate to eat together. This dish is so delicious when it has just cooked.

Note: standard fried spring rolls, when frying is finished, must be yellow, fragrant and crispy, when eaten properly, they are soft and not too salty.

This instruction of making fried spring rolls will help you to have a chance to enjoy a delicious, beautiful Vietnamese dish, help the family meal to celebrate Tet holiday more solemn and meaningful. Good luck.