Reveal the secret recipe to cook Southern Ca kho to (Fish cook with sauce)

Hundreds kinds of fish, hundreds ways of cooking are always changing according to the tastes and local area. A fish has up to three, four ways of cooking, each locality adjust the flavor depending on their eating habits. Only fish cook with sauce is sufficiently proving that "the food is very elaborate" and the Vietnamese people are sophisticated people in the culinary arts.

Each region has its own specific characteristics and specialties with unique taste according to climate and pedology. In addition, depending on the personality and way of life of people in each region, each location, the cuisine also has differences in processing and enjoying. Three regions of the country stretch from north to south, nowhere is not favored by nature for the "eating" of people.

ca kho to vietnamese food

If the North is typical, there is a delicious sweet field crab and tossa jute soup served with spicy shrimp paste and “Cà pháo”; In the Central region, there are “Cơm hến” (Baby basket clams rice), Hue beef noodle soup (“Bún bò Huế”) , and the liberal Southern region of the country has a sour soup with braised fish (“Cá kho tộ”). But when we mention about braised fish, it is generally mentioned a Vietnamese dish that can be said to be the key, hard to lack in every family meals. According to folklore, when you have just recovered from the illness, you have to eat braised fish (not to mention other Vietnamese dishes), which is the best, the healthiest, not afraid of having indigestion or allergies...

White rice, braised fish and sour soup are the Vietnamese foods that make up the typical meal of the South. The soft, fragrant sweet taste of fish, the salty taste of fish sauce and the spicy taste of red chili create the characteristic flavor of this dish. Today, life is renewed so clay crucible is no longer used so people gradually cook fish in metal pots, rice cookers ... But with the Southern people in particular and those who have eaten this fish dish, they are all acknowledged, the braised fish still has a delicious, more characteristic flavor and is  a typical dish in Vietnamese cuisine.

ca kho to vietnamese food

How to make delicious Braised fish with Southern style


  • Snakehead fish: about 1 kg (in addition you can choose the siluriformes types such as hemibagrus (“cá lăng”), clariidae (“cá trê) or siluridae (“cá nheo”) ... as long as they are fresh)
  • Pork belly: 200 gr
  • Young coconut water: 1 fruit
  • Sweet soy sauce
  • Dried shallot, minced garlic, some fresh chilli
  • Spices include: fish sauce, salt, sugar, pepper, seasoning.

ca kho to vietnamese food

How to make Southern Braised Fish

Step 1: Prepare and marinate fish stock

  • Snakehead fish: after buying, cut off the internal organs, scab, remove the fin, clean the opaque membrane in the abdomen. (For catfish, you can use kitchen ash or sprinkle with boiling water and scrape off the outer mucus), soak fish in saline water and vinegar for 5 minutes to completely remove fishy smell, wash the fish with water again. Then, marinate the fish with a little soy sauce, salt, seasoning and fish sauce for about 30 minutes.
  • Pork belly: also washed with salt water, rinse cleanly then cut into bite-sized pieces.
  • Chili is washed, sliced.
  • You mix 120 ml of sweet soy sauce with 50 ml of fish sauce and young coconut water for the mixture to dissolve.

ca kho to vietnamese food

Step 2: Braise the fish

  • You can warm up the pot first and then add a little bit of oil to boil it, then continue to fry the minced garlic and shallots and then stir-fry the chili.
  • Continue to pour the pork belly and stir well until the meat is slightly cooked, turn off the stove, put the pot down.
  • You arrange the fish in the pot, put the fish on top of the pork belly, put remaining marinated mixture in the pot. Finally, you add a cup of young coconut + soy sauce + fish sauce and cook it again on the stove, let it simmer.
  • When you see the pot of fish starts to boil, lower the heat to simmer, season it to taste and continue to boil until the fish water is still available.

ca kho to vietnamese food

Step 3: Presenting the dish

You sprinkle a little pepper on a fish pot, then pick up the amount of fish just enough to eat. Fish dishes decorated with a bit of green onions, cilantro are eye-catching. So you have finished making Southern standard fish dishes.

The secret of delicious fish stock

  • If you make a fish dish for young children to eat, you can choose fish such as: pangasius conchophilus (“cá hú”), pangasius krempfi (“cá bông lau”) or pangasius bocourti (“cá ba sa”) ... They have less bone.
  • While swimmer the fish, you should both not reverse the fish many times and not to stir because it will crush the fish.
  • In addition to salt water and vinegar, you can use white wine or use rice water to deodorize the fishy smell. The fish deodorizing step is extremely important, as they will directly affect the braised fish.

Hopefully, with the instructions on how to make the Southern Braised Fish that brought in the article today, you can successfully implement this special Vietnamese food at home. You can also cook a pot of sour oreochromis fish soup to have a proper tray of South Vietnamese people.