Tofu stuffed with meat and tomato sauce

Tofu stuffed with meat is a delicious, eye-catching Vietnamese dish, combined with the soft and mild taste of tofu with the filling of the rich minced meat laced with iridescent yellow sauce.

Tofu is the most popular dish of Vietnamese people, it is suitable to appear for all situations: from popular rice plates to luxurious banquet tables and being a well known dish of Vietnamese cuisine. With tofu, you can prepare a variety of different dishes. Today let's go to the kitchen and make tofu stuffed with meat eat with a rich tomato sauce by our diversity Vietnamese recipes.

tofu vietnamese food

Materials for making stuffed tofu with delicious tomato sauce

  • 10 pieces of fried tofu (double the size of ordinary fried tofu)
  • 200g of lean pork
  • 2 dry shallots
  • 2 ripe tomatoes
  • ¼ cup of ketchup
  • Spices, seasonings, pepper, fish sauce, some green onions.

How to make tofu stuffed with meat and delicious tomato sauce

Step 1: Shallots are peeled off, washed, chopped with white onion and then mixed with minced meat, seasoned with the meat mixture by about 1/3 tablespoons of seasoning, a little spices, pepper then mix well.

tofu vietnamese food

Step 2: Cool down the fried tofu and then use a knife or cut a small part across the middle of the tofu piece to stuff the meat in. Next, fry the stuffed tofu until it turn to yellow color.

You can cut the tomato into small pieces as you like

Step 3: Put the pan on the stove, add cooking oil to fry the shallots, then add tomatoes and stir-fry, next add the ketchup sauce and turn down the heat, cover by a lid and simmer the tomato until it turn to viscous sauce. Add about 1 cup of water to tomato sauce with spices and seasoning to have tasty dish.

Step 4: Put all the fried yellow tofu into the sauce. Lower the heat and cover by a lid to simmer for more than 10 minutes for fully ripen tofu and soaking the sauce. The meat stuffed inside the frying is not ripe yet, when you simmer it will ripen.

Step 5: Add fish sauce and a little sugar to taste. Add finely chopped green onion and scoop out a deep plate. Pour the sauce into the tofu. Add a little coriander, savour with rice will be very delicious.

tofu vietnamese food


1. How to make more beautiful stuffed tofu?

The tofu stuffed with meat and tomato sauce must be too familiar to you, however many people complain about the stuffed meat easily fall out of the tofu, the flavor of tofu and meat is uneven, tofu is easily broken,...

Please follow the following method: Fry the tofu and let the tofu completely cool down, then use the scissors to cut two square holes on the tofu surface, stuffing the minced meat mixed with shallots and pepper, then place them carefully on the pan.

Make the sauce separately: fry the shallot, stir-fry tomatoes, pour a bowl of water then stirred with the favorite spices like oyster sauce, soy sauce, a little corn flour, ... boil and stir well until it mixed well.

Pour sauce into a tofu pan, stuffed with meat and light stew for sauce soaked in tofu and meat. Use thin ladles to scoop each piece of tofu into a deep plate, pour the sauce on top and let it spill itself downwards, finally sprinkle chopped spring onion.

tofu vietnamese food

2. How to make steamed tofu more flavorful?

Do not worry about bland steamed tofu, to add flavor to this dish you need to add other nutritious ingredients.

Fry the chopped ginger and shallot, add a little mustard, soy sauce and salt or fish sauce to boil. A bit of fried minced meat to give it a golden brown color. Pour all of them in tofu to steam.

Steam the tofu for 10 minutes and place the tofu on a wide flat plate, sprinkle with spring onions, finely chopped coriander and pour the sauce on top. It's almost like the previous recipe but with the steaming method, your tofu are better, softer and it smells more flavorful, especially the spicy mustard.

tofu vietnamese food

3. How to make delicious fried tofu dipping in sauces?

You still fry the tofu daily but you may not try to dip the tofu in egg yolks diluted with a little water. Let's do that little trick, your tofu will be yellow and crispy.

The familiar sauce of fried tofu is a spicy garlic sauce, but on the winter day you can dabble with homemade sauce blending with many special flavors: Chopped green chili, pickles and fry garlic with grease .

Add some soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, sesame, even favorite juice. Boil and stir evenly, then pour into the bowl. If you like viscous sauces, add some flour to dilute with water while heating.

tofu vietnamese food

4. How to fry tofu?

You are familiar with fry,simmer or stew tofu ... but actually, tofu can also be stir-fried. Slice ​​tofu and cut it into a beautiful shape, frying it and letting it cool down.

Fry shallot with a little minced ginger, pour the minced meat to stir-fry, add soy sauce and your favorite spices like pepper, mustard, fish sauce, ...

Pour the tofu in and stir-fry the tofu with a pan, if you use chopsticks and thin ladles, you will probably break the tofu. Before pouring tofu into your plate, stir them with spring onions for more few seconds.

tofu vietnamese food

5. How to make a special sweet and sour tofu?

Tofu is an elegant summer Vietnamese dish, when used on a winter day, you need a way to adjust the ingredients and spices to make it more nutritious.

The tips for these typical Vietnamese foods of tofu will make your family's meals much more attractive with a material that seems to be very simple as tofu!

Good luck!